25 Good Rogerian Argument Topic Ideas

Did You Know?

A psychologist named Carl Rogers created this form of argument. It is used in many philosophy models to solve problems considering both sides of the argument.

Rogerian argument is one of the three types of arguments. The other two are Toulmin argument and the Classical argument, which are actually contradictory to the Rogerian theory. Rogerian argument is an argument where the both sides win because of the careful approach and persuasion. It is mainly useful in psychological arguments, rather than in logical or scientific arguments. Such an argument is supposed to lead to an appropriate solution by listening to and considering both the sides. And writing it can be a task in itself because it shouldn’t offend the reader or the audience. It should start with a common ground between the two and then should move on to explain the writer’s perspective. The views and opinions should be supported with proper reasoning as to why you’re saying that.

Choosing a topic for the Rogerian argument is an important part hence, choose it wisely. Take a topic of your interest which will help you in doing in-depth research on it. Below are some topics that you could use.

Rogerian Argument Topics

● Should smoking be allowed in public places?

● Is our election process fair to everyone?

● Research on animals, should it be encouraged?

● The taxation system: fair or unfair?

● Is euthanasia fair or unfair?

● Should marijuana be used in medicine?

● Do the cameras enforced by law invade privacy?

● Handgun ownership: threat or right?

● Should the legal age for drinking be lowered or raised?

● What is the right age to vote? Should it be raised or lowered?

● Is Internet censorship required?

● Same-sex marriages should be legal/illegal

● The two-child policy: Right or wrong?

● Technology: Are we too dependent on it?

● The discrimination in hierarchy of jobs: good or bad?

● Are the famous people paid more than needed?

● Are scores in school enough to evaluate a child’s progress?

● Marketing to children: right or wrong?

● Fighting video games influence children: right or wrong?

● Are single-sex schools better than co-ed?

● Does religion cause war?

● Is cheating becoming common?

● Is torture acceptable?

● Is unemployment related to crimes?

● Is our educational system affordable?

Note: Rogerian argument topics can be controversial hence, take utmost care not to hurt someone’s feelings.

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