7 Exciting Careers Involving Creative Writing. What's Your Pick?

If you think that you possess the gift of putting thoughts, opinions, feelings, and actions into words in a way that it makes for a convincing, entertaining, meaningful, and thoughtful read, then a career in creative writing awaits you.

Although, let me tell you that finding job openings in this field is not easy, and that it might take years for you to reach where you would want to be, the wait is worth it! After all, by taking up writing, you will be involved in doing something that is not just your work but your passion as well.


Content Copywriting

Copywriting is a job in which you write content describing a particular product, its features, benefits, uses, etc., to attract potential buyers.

These jobs are mostly found in the advertising field. You would be expected to write for brochures, print advertisements, product catalogs, newsletters, amongst other forms of advertisement.


Journalist News conference

It is said that journalism is literature written in a hurry! But let me tell you, it is a very pessimistic assessment of this much prized profession.

Although newspaper headlines and articles that everyone is talking about today become history the very next day, yet, as far as making people aware about various issues in the society, the current news, and convincing them about certain things is concerned, there is nothing that can beat a journalist’s written word!

As a journalist, you would be expected to cover latest happenings, events and news in various fields like politics, economics, society, etc., and you would be writing reports about the same in a newspaper.

Senior journalists may be expected to write editorials which have their personal as well as societal views and opinions on all kinds of issues that are being talked about at a given moment.

Article Writing

You will find plenty of such jobs online. There are many websites who would be willing to pay you if you write articles for them on a variety of topics such as fashion, food, travel, health, sports, education, amongst others.

You can take up article writing for magazines too. There are business, entertainment, sports, technology, food, and many other kinds of magazines. So, you can choose writing for a magazine depending upon your interests.

Book Writing

Close up writer blogger hand laptop computer

If you are looking for jobs which give you complete literary freedom, become a book writer. It is said that each one of us has a story to tell. And if you have the gift of writing, you can write your story whichever way you want, by writing a book.

To be successful in this field, you shall need some good public relations skills as well. You need to convince a good publishing house to publish your book and promote you.

Script Writing

A scrip writer’s job involves writing content and stories for movies, television shows, Internet shows, plays, and commercials. For this, they have to thoroughly conduct research and then come up with a definite storyline for a given subject. If you get into such a job, you will get the opportunity to research and write on a number of themes and topics.

Online Writing

Woman blogging in spacious office

There are numerous avenues open for writers online. Right from content writing to blogging to technical writing to freelance writing.

Although some of these jobs are not as well paying as their offline counterparts, they can be performed from the convenience of one’s home and offer the flexibility of work timings, which none of the other writing jobs can match.


Lecturer in Classroom

Teaching is one of the most sought after careers for creative writing majors. After acquiring a Master’s degree, a person can take up teaching in a school or university. Like all teaching careers, it is reasonably well paid and absolutely secure.

To get into and make a mark in any of these careers that involve creative writing, it would do you good if you have a college degree in English literature or communications, although it is not a necessity.

Reading a lot of literature, experiencing life to the hilt, observing and feeling things around you, staying in your company and enjoying the silence within, are some of the things that would help you become a great writer.

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