Abstract: Shakespeare. The eternal tragedy of mankind

Abstract: Shakespeare. The eternal tragedy of mankind

In the early seventeenth century there was a clash of the old world, which was dominated by feudal darkness and cruelty, and the new world, which is run by the addictions and the power of gold. Watching the clash of the two evils, the humanists of that time he gradually lost his faith in goodness, justice and friendship. English playwright William Shakespeare dedicated his tragedy “hamlet” that this change of eras.

The main character of the tragedy of the Danish Prince hamlet, typical of the intellectual and humanist of the Renaissance. He sincerely believes in people. Hamlet — a student of one of the most famous universities, is surrounded by friends and filled with love of life. He does not know that his view of the world, at the first collision with reality, as the smoke clears. Hamlet will have to feel all the doubts inherent in man in General, and the two conflicting feelings of his soul.

Hamlet returns to Elsinore after the unexpected death of his father, king. The Prince learns that his mother, Queen Gertrude, suddenly married a worthless and cunning Claudius, who poisoned the king. Such an act, Queen Gertrude has dishonored not only her husband, but son. Hamlet swore to avenge the death of his father and from that moment revenge took first place in his life.

In the famous soliloquy of hamlet about a man, Shakespeare shows the devastating emotional struggle between idealistic ideas and harsh reality. The treacherous murder of his father, an obscene marriage of the mother, betrayal of friends, the weakness and frivolity of the lover, the meanness of the courtiers — all this fills the heart of a Prince excessive suffering. Hamlet understands that Denmark is a prison, a century shattered, and time was crazy. Now the protagonist is left alone with the sanctimonious and hypocritical world ruled by lust, cruelty and hatred.

Hamlet put the mask silly clown, enters into combat with an evil filled world. The Prince’s killing of the courtier Polonius who is watching him, reveals the betrayal of my University colleagues, rejects Ophelia, who was unable to resist evil influence and embroiled in the intrigue against hamlet.

The Prince wants not only revenge for a murdered father. The soul of hamlet chafe the thought of having the battle with the injustice of the world. The main character asks a rhetorical question: why it needs to fix the world, which is shattered? Does he have the right? In him lives the evil, and he himself admits to bombast, ambition and revenge. In such a situation, to overcome evil? How to help the person to defend the truth? Hamlet is forced to suffer under the weight of the inhuman sufferings. It was then he poses a question: to be or not to be? In the rest of this question lies the essence of the tragedy of hamlet — the tragedy of a thinking man who came into a chaotic world too early, first people saw the amazing imperfection of the world.

“Hamlet” is a tragedy awakened consciousness. The result of this can be found in the lines:

So all of us conscience does make cowards of thought.

So fades the color determination of natural

In the dim light of the pale of the mind,

And designs with panache and initiative

Change the path and suffer failure

The goal…

Here begins the grief of hamlet. The Prince realizes that the struggle against evil in the only possible way is the most evil, the use of which offends and humiliates the noblest dream. Hence the cry of the soul that comes out of the chest of the hamlet before the decisive meeting with Queen Gertrude:

I will be strict but not inhuman.

All Express and without a knife will kill.

My mouth, forgive the act.

Where would word got delirious,

I ispolnennye them will not.

Finally, hamlet makes the decision. It is truly close to madness, as a kind of evil that prevails and dominates, unbearable.

Hamlet assumes the responsibility for the world’s evil, all misunderstanding of life for all human suffering. The protagonist is keenly aware of his solitude and, realizing his impotence, still goes into battle and die as a fighter. The behavior of hamlet in the final act of the tragedy should be an example of human behavior in General, as an example of understanding that the thought must be bold, mind clean conscience and a soul untainted.

The tragedy of “hamlet” is from the pen of genius playwright William Shakespeare. She, like other works by this author raises the eternal problem: the contradiction between reality and ideal, dreams and ways of its achievement, the role of personality in the history of mankind. And finally, what is the meaning of life of every individual.

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