An Ordinary Man Chapter 3

An Ordinary Man Chapter 3

Summary Chapter 3 focuses on the life story of Rusesabagina. It begins with Paulproviding the readers with a description of the Hotel Mille Collines. He states that, “it is a modernist building of five stories, with a facade of stucco and smoked glass. From the outside it would look perfectly at home near any large American airport” (30). He describes how people from diverse fields mingle inside the hotel. Even though Paul becomes the hotel manager by chance, he loves working there and soon acquires a great deal of experience.

He describes the hotel as opulent and elegant, and catering to the affluent: “Worlds intersect here. Whites and blacks mingle comfortably here inside a thin cloud of cigarette smoke and laughter” (33). During this time, he falls in love with a woman named Esther, and marries her. Paul is naturally gifted with languages. Incollege, he studies to be a pastor but ends up losing interest in this profession. He and Esther move back to the Kigali and a friend offers him a job at the Hotel Mille Collines.

Paul is thrilled to get the job as, “the hotel already occupied an exalted spot in my mind—it was the symbol of urbanity I had been craving—and I seized the chance to be a part of it” (40). Paul and Esther end up getting a divorce. Shortly afterwards, Paul falls in love with a nurse named Tatiana, whom he marries after a courtship of two years. He is promoted to assistant general manager, and by 1992 is made the general manager of another luxury hotel, the Hotel Diplomates. His father dies in 1991, and, shortly afterwards, his mother passes away.

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