Book: the History of Tom Jones, a foundling Henry Fielding

Book: the History of Tom Jones, a foundling Henry Fielding

The history of Tom Jones, a foundling Henry Fielding

In the house of a wealthy squire Allworthy, where he lives with his sister Bridget, throws the baby. Squire, a few years ago who lost his wife and children, decides to raise the child as his own son. Soon he managed to find the mother of the foundling, a poor village woman Jenny Jones. Allworthy could not learn from her the name of the father of the boy, but as Jenny regrets his deeds, the squire is not the case to a court, but only sends Jenny out of their homes, pre-sudev her a large sum. Allworthy continues to search for the father of the child. His suspicion falls on the village teacher — partridge, whose Jenny for a long time took lessons in Latin. At the insistence of Allworthy the case is passed to court. The teacher’s wife, which had long been jealous of Jenny, accuses her husband of all mortal sins, and no one doubts that the teacher is the boy’s father. Although the partridge denies his relationship with Jenny, convicted, and Allworthy sends him out of the village.

The squire’s sister Bridget married a captain Blifil, and they have a son. Tom Jones, a foundling, has won the love Allworthy, brought up together from a young Blifil, but the greedy and envious captain, fearing that the state will go Allworthy to the foundling, hated it, trying by all means to discredit the boy in the eyes of his sworn father. After some time, the captain suddenly dies, and Bridget becomes a widow.

From an early age Tom is no different exemplary behavior. Not an example of Blifil — beyond his years, discreet, pious and diligent — That does not show eagerness in study and his pranks are constantly being harassed by Allworthy and Bridget. Despite this, everyone in the house love of a foundling for his kindness and responsiveness. Have blifil never participate in the games of Tom, he condemns his antics and never misses an opportunity to chastise for inappropriate pastime. But Tom never angry with him and genuinely likes were Blifil like his brother’s.

Since childhood Tom is friends with Sophia, the daughter of Allworthy’s neighbor — a wealthy squire Western. They spend a lot of time together and become inseparable friends. For the education of young men Allworthy invited to the house of Tacoma theologian and philosopher Square that apply to his disciples one requirement: they must mindlessly cramming their lessons and to have their own opinions. Have blifil from the first days of gaining their sympathy. But That is not interesting to repeat haughty and arrogant mentors truths, and he finds other employment.

Tom spends all his free time in the house of a needy caretaker, whose family is dying of hunger. The young man as possible, tries to help the unfortunate, giving them all of their pocket money. Upon learning that Tom sold his Bible and a horse given to him by Allworthy, and the money given to the family of the watchman, Blifil and both the teacher in anger fall upon the young man, considering it an act worthy of censure, then, as Allworthy touched by the kindness of your pet. There is another reason that makes Tom spend so much time in the family of the guard: he is in love with Molly, one of his daughters. Carefree and frivolous girl immediately accepts his advances, and soon her family finds out that Molly is pregnant. This news instantly spread throughout the County. Sophia Western, who had long been in love with Tom, to despair. He is accustomed to see in her only a friend of their children, only now notices how she has blossomed. Unbeknownst to himself, the more attached to the girl, and over time, this bond develops into love. Tom is deeply unhappy because he realizes that there is now obliged to marry Molly. However, the case takes an unexpected turn: Tom finds Molly in the arms of his teacher, the philosopher Square. Some time later Tom finds out that Molly is pregnant not from him, therefore considers himself free from any obligations to her.

Meanwhile, squire Allworthy seriously ill. Feeling the end approaching, he gives his last orders regarding inheritance. The only one That loved her the name of the father, inconsolable, while the rest, including and Blifil, concerned only with his share of the inheritance. Into the house comes a messenger and brings the message that Bridget Allworthy, which for some days was absent from the estate, died. By the evening of the same day squire becomes easier and he is clearly on the mend. Tom is so happy that even death Bridget can’t dampen his joy. Wanting to celebrate recovery is the name of the father, he gets drunk drunk, that is the condemnation of others.

Squire Western wants to marry off his daughter to have Blifil. It seemed to him to be extremely profitable, because Blifil — heir to the greater part of the state of Allworthy. And then there Blifil manage to convince the squire that Tom was happy for his impending death and what will soon become the owner of a considerable fortune. Believing Blifil, the angry squire throws Tom out of the house.

Tom writes a farewell letter to Sophia, realizing that, despite his passionate love for her, now that he is doomed to wandering and miserable life, he has no right to rely on its location and to ask for her hand. Tom leaves the estate, intending to go to the sailors. Sophia, desperate to beg his father not to marry her off to hated her was Blifil, runs away from home. In a provincial hotel, Tom encounters partridge, the teacher whom Allworthy once expelled from his native village, believing him to be the father of the foundling. Partridge convinces the young man that suffered innocently, and asks permission to accompany Tom in his travels.

Along the way Tom saves from a rapist, the woman, a certain Mrs. waters. In a city hotel Mrs. waters, which immediately attracted to the handsome Tom, easily seduces him. At this time, the Sophia, who is sent to London, hoping to find shelter with an old friend of their family also stops heptonstall hotel and happy to know that Tom is among the guests. However, on hearing that he cheated on her, an angry girl in a sign that she knows everything about the behavior of beloved leaves his room his clutch and leaves in tears Epton. By happy coincidence, in the same hotel stops and cousin Sophia, Mrs. Fitzpatrick, who fled from her husband, a scoundrel and libertine. She invites her along to escape from his pursuers. In fact, immediately after the departure of the fugitives in the hotel abides the furious father of Sophia and Mr. Fitzpatrick. The next morning Tom know why Sophia didn’t want to see him, and in desperation leaves the hotel, hoping to catch up with his beloved and get her forgiveness.

In London, Sophia finds lady Bellaston. She welcomes the girl and heard her sad story and promises to help her. Tom Partridge soon arrive in London. After a long search That manages to find a trace of the lover, but her cousin and lady Bellaston prevent he met Sophia.

In the house where Tom Partridge in a bedsit, lives Mr. Nightingale, with whom Tom quickly became friends. Nightingale and Nancy — the daughter of their hostess, Mrs. Miller, love each other. Tom learns from a friend that Nancy is pregnant by him. But Nightingale could not marry her for fear of his father, who found for him a rich bride, and, wanting to get their hands on the dowry, insist on an immediate wedding. Nightingale submits to fate and secretly moving out, Mrs. Miller, leaving Nancy a letter which explains the reasons for his disappearance. Tom learns from Mrs. Miller that her Nancy dearly loves Nightingale received his farewell letter already tried to kill herself. Tom goes to the father of her frivolous friend and announces to him that he is already married to Nancy. Nightingale, Sr. resigns himself to the inevitable, and Mrs. Miller and her daughter hurriedly preparing for the wedding. Now Nancy and her mother consider Tom as my Savior.

Meanwhile, Sophia is caring for a rich Lord Fellamar. He proposes to her but is rebuffed. Tom visits Mrs. Fitzpatrick, to talk to her about Sophia. Leaving her house, he encounters her husband. Enraged, the jealous man who finally got on the track of the runaways and found out where she lives, taking the young man by her lover, and insults him. Tom is forced to bare the sword, take up the challenge. When Fitzpatrick drops, pierced with a sword Volume, they are suddenly surrounded by a group of hefty young men. They grab a Volume and submit it to the constable, and he goes to prison. It turns out that Fellamar sent several sailors and ordered them to recruit Tom into the ship, giving them to understand that he wants to get rid of it, and they, taking the Volumes during the fight, when he wounded his opponent, decided to just take the Volume of the police.

Visiting London the father of Sophia, Mr. Western. He finds his daughter and declares that, until not coming Allworthy and Blifil, the girl will sit under house arrest and wait for the wedding. Lady Bellaston revenge That shows Sophia his letter with a proposal of marriage. Soon she learns that Tom is accused of murder and is in prison. Comes with Allworthy’s nephew and stopped at Mrs. Miller. Allworthy — her longtime benefactor, he has helped a poor woman when her husband died and she was left penniless with two young children. Upon learning that Tom is the foster son of the squire, Mrs. Miller tells him about the nobility of the young man. But Allworthy continues to believe the slander, and praise upon That, do not touch it.

Nightingale, Mrs. Miller and partridge often visit Tom in prison. Soon comes to him is the same Mrs. waters, accidental contact with which led to a disagreement with Sophia. After Tom left Epton, Mrs. waters met there with Fitzpatrick, became his mistress and went with him. Learning from Fitzpatrick on his recent clash with Tom, she hurried to visit the unfortunate prisoner. Tom is relieved to know that the Fitzpatrick unharmed. Partridge, who also came to visit Tom, informs him that the woman who calls herself Mrs. waters is actually Jenny Jones, Tom’s mother. Tom horror: he had sinned with his own mother. Partridge, who never could keep his mouth shut, tells Allworthy about it, and he immediately calls Mrs. waters to yourself. Standing before his former master and learned from him that same baby, whom she planted in the house of the squire, Jenny finally decided to tell Allworthy about what she knows. It turns out that neither she nor partridge is not implicated in the birth of a child. Tom’s father’s friend’s son Allworthy, who once lived in the house of squire year and died of smallpox, and the mother is none other than the sister of the squire, Bridget. Judgment brother, Bridget had concealed from him, had a baby, and a large reward was persuaded Jenny to throw the boy into their home. The old servant Allworthy, when he heard that the squire knows the truth, admits to the boss that Bridget is on her deathbed revealed to him his secret and wrote my brother a letter, which he handed to Mr. Blifil, for Allworthy in that moment was unconscious. Only now Allworthy finds out about the deceit was Blifil, who, wishing to seize the condition of the squire, hid from him that she and Tom were brothers.

Allworthy, after learning the truth about his nephew, sincerely repents of all that happened. Because Fitzpatrick did not show That any charges, he is released from prison. Allworthy asks for forgiveness from Tom but noble That in no way blames the squire. Nightingale tells Sophia that Tom was not going to marry lady Bellaston, since he, Nightingale, told Tom to write to her the letter she saw. That is to her and once again asks for her hand. Squire Western, hearing on Allworthy’s intention to make Tom his heir, happily consents to their marriage. Lovers after marriage go to the village and live away from the city.

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