Book: the Sealed angel

Book: the Sealed angel

Author: Leskov, Nikolai .

At the Inn sheltered from the weather a few travellers. One of them States that “every saved person… angel guides”, and the angel drove. The subsequent story, he says, on his knees, because all what happened — “it is very Holy and terrible.”

Marcos, “minor people” born in “the old Russian faith” serves as a bricklayer in the farm Luke Kirillov, the most wonderful icon which is the image of an angel. On the river artel building together with the British a stone bridge and three years living “merstone” spirit and “pesadelo God-created nature” feel. But after the ignorant and reminiscent of “verblud” Mara invents special way to break the strongest bolts on the conservatives is thank. Pimen Ivanov, who, unlike the “real power of the old believers”, do not shy away from communicating with government officials, meets with the wife of “an important person”, who asks conservatives to beg her daughter.

Pimen nothing to conservatives says neither of this nor of the subsequent orders, but they are all true. Paying Pimen money “for candles and oil”, the lady expresses a desire to see the angel, and Pimen have to tell everything to the conservatives. The morning after the arrival of a lady, the wife of Luke Kirillova, aunt Mihajlica, says that night an angel came down from the icon. At this time the husband of the lady, whom Pimen “molitve”, received a bribe from the Jews, but those of his cheating and even more given to back demand.

The lady requires the money from conservatives. Conservatives never have, and their home is attacked by the gendarmes, “seal” icons, including the face of an angel, with sealing wax, are taken away and dumped in the basement. The icon with the angel eyeing the Bishop, and put it in the altar. Conservatives decide custodian substitute — “conceal-and-print”, and “to the execution of this determination,” elect the narrator of this story and the well-behaved lad Levante.

Meanwhile, Pimen suddenly “pehota went”, and the conservatives attacking the “ardent longing”, and together with her eye disease, to cure which can only icon is a Keeper. Such piety touch the older among the British Yakov Yakovlevich, who Marcos explains that the artist will not be able an exact copy, to perform, to present “the type of person neojidannyi”. And the icon of the Stroganov drawing, and it is very different from other writings.

And today the “high inspiration type lost” and “new school art widespread rasteenie feelings developed and hectic mind obeys”. “Scripture is not given to everyone to comprehend, and depicts the heavenly glory really helps about the money and all the glory of the earth think of it as the abomination before the Lord.” Themselves as believers pray “Christian death belly and good response to a terrible Tribunal”. The Englishman and his wife with those words so touched that give Marcos the money, and he “reposdir” Leontien goes in search of the Isograph.

They have to reach Moscow, “Russian companies drevnego glorious Queen”, but it does not comforted, considering that the old days in Moscow in a “loving-kindness and piety, and on a single stubbornness” was based. A master in the art sloppy, all in front of each other or magnify, “gangs savecopyas”, at restaurants drink wine and praise his art “with puffy adminnotify”. Marcos on the attack boredom and Levante afraid that his “temptation obdurate”, and expressed his desire to see bezginova the elder Pambo and to understand what “grace” dominant Church.

All protests Markushi that the Church’s “coffee” drink and eat rabbits, Levante meets their education. From Moscow the travelers go to Suzdal to find the Isograph di San Sebastiano, and on the way chosen by the Marcos, are lost. Levante looks sick and refuses to go. But emerging from the forest a little old man encourages him to stand and leads the travelers to his home. Marcos understands that this is Panga beshany.

Panga, produces the soul of Levante, “like a dove out of the cage”, and the child dies. The Marcos can’t blame the old man: “invincible this man with such humility,” but he decides that “if only the Church has two such person has, we are lost, because this whole love animation”. When Marcos goes through the woods, he once again is Panga and says: “the angel lives in my heart, but was captured, and love will free him.”

Marcos is running away from the old man and the Sea meets the Isograph, which is returned to the Association. To test the ability of the icon painter, Yakov Yakovlevich asks him to paint an icon of his wife, Sevastian learns that the English are praying for children, and writes icon the subtlety “melkosopochnik” letters, which the British did not hear. But to copy a portrait of an English girl in the ring refuses to not “humiliate” his artistry.

Yakov Yakovlevich asked the Lord to return to the angel’s time in the gang, to gild imprinted on Angela Reese and decorate the crown. But the Bishop gives only a robe. Sevastian explained the Englishman that needed a true icon. The first icon-painter throws, but then he is called to commit theft and agrees that, until Vespers the Bishop is, the copy was written, the old icon with the old Board removed, forgeries inserted, and Yakov Yakovlevich managed her again at the window to put as if nothing happened. The Englishman takes the strong spirit of Kovacs Maroa to blame and took the “suffered death” if the conservatives cheated. The agreement rests on the basis of “vzaemodia”.

“Action” is successful, but Sevastian refuses to apply print a copy, and it has to do with the English. At this time moves off the ice, and in time to cross to the other side, Luke, the singing of the old believers, to cross the river by bridge circuit. Mara sees over him the glow and protection of angels.

On the copy icon disappears in the wax, and Luke rushes to confess to the Bishop, who says that conservatives “with his angel print knavery brought, and another with myself took it off and brought you here”. Petition the Bishop of the old believers “the body and blood of our Savior during mass attached”. Along with Marcos, who, after meeting with the elder Pangai “has the attraction together tosevite with all the Rus'”.

To the surprise of the travellers about the disappeared print Marcos says that the seal Englishwomen were paper and fell. Against the fact that everything happened in an ordinary manner, conservatives do not argue: “still, the ways in which the Lord will punish the person, but would have sought”. Madame wishes all a happy New year and asks for forgiveness for Christ’s sake for themselves, ignorant.

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