Book: Wild landlord

Book: Wild landlord

Author: Saltykov-Shchedrin, Mikhail .

In a certain Kingdom, in some state there lived-was the landlord, “and only then it was pretty: and the peasants, and bread, and cattle, and lands and gardens. He was stupid, read the newspaper “News” and the body was soft, white and crumbly”.

Only one he did not like, and so, he complains to God: too many divorced men! But God knew that the landlord stupid, but because it didn’t listen. Then the landlord decided their lime and started strongly oppress. The peasants begged the whole world to the Lord God: “o Lord! Easier for us and the children with small ones, than all life to suffer!” God heard their prayer — “and he was not the man the entire possessions of the foolish landowner”.

The landlord was delighted. He decided to make the theatre has invited the troupe, but in the landlord’s house is empty, no one even to raise the curtain so the actors left. The landowner has invited guests, they arrived hungry and there is nothing! Had to leave empty-handed, wondering at the stupidity of the landlord. But he decided to play solitaire: if three times in a row will come out, then have to stand to the end. Just three times solitaire and out.

The landlord roams through the rooms and thinks that he machines from England discharged, as the garden planted, what cows it will be. Forgotten, call the servant, but no one responds. And then it comes to him himself police captain and asked who for men taxes to pay. Yes, the market was quite empty, no meat, no bread. “Stupid you, Mr. landlord!” says the district police officer. Then the landowner has wondered all his stupid call, is he really a fool?

Meanwhile, the name of the landlord comes into disrepair, overgrown with grass, and once there was even a bear. “Senka!” — cried the frightened landlord, woke up… and wept. But still wants to stick to the end. “And here it is wild. Though at this time came the fall and the frost stood decent, but he did not even feel the cold. All of it, from head to toe, overgrown hair… and his nails became like iron.

To blow your nose he long ago stopped, and walked more on all fours… have Lost even the ability to utter articulate sounds… But the tail not yet acquired”. He will climb a tree and sits. Running with the hare, he rushes to the top and eat right with a skin. “And he became terribly strong, so powerful, that even felt entitled to enter into friendly intercourse with the bear.”

The police, meanwhile, reported about the disappearance of men the provincial authorities. Convening of the Council. It was decided: “the Man to catch and to settle, but the foolish landlord, who throughout the confusion, the instigator, natelekanale to inspire, that he is bragging his stop and proceeds to the Treasury, tax obstacles are not repaired”.

The men returned to the County, and in the market reappeared and flour, meat and animals every, and taxes flow went to the Treasury. The landowner, with great difficulty, caught. “Catch, now blow, washed and cut my nails.” Police captain took from the landlord the newspaper “News”, and entrusted its supervision Senka. The landowner is “alive to this day. Lays granadians, yearns for his former life in the woods, wash only under duress and at times the lows”.

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