Elizabethan Era Social Classes

Elizabethan Family Life

Family life during the Elizabethan period was largely determined by what class the family was in. As in how rich the family was. But the main exception to this was religion. It didn’t matter whether the family was wealthy, poor, young or old, each family was expected to attend a protestant church service every Sunday. Each family member also wore different clothes. A wealthy family led a completely different life to one of a poor family and men led very different lives to women. The men had quite a lot of control over the lives of the women in the family during the Elizabethan times.

The women were expected to always be ready to do whatever the men told them to do and were supposed to obey the men in all aspects of their life. In their religion, disobedience was seen as a crime or wrongdoing. The whole purpose for women to get married was to Increase the position and wealth of her own family and then to produce children. Love was not really considered as a reason to get married back then but may come In the marriage. Male children were preferred back In those times. There were no careers available to women and the girls did not receive an education either, so most of the females weren’t able to read or write.

It had been the women’ s career to keep the residence tidy as well as in good shape. It was also the obligation of the women in order to keep their family healthy by producing medicines coming from their available herbs. The particular Elizabethan men led a new life of power, entirely opposite for the women and much more favorable. The men made all the choices as well as the women were expected to obey them. The men supported the family by simply going to work plus they any wide variety of occupations. The men were expected to Increase the positions of family members too by working with wealthier people and households than their own in addition to patronizing with them.

Boys had an education and visited school for 6 days a new week. This meant they were literate, unlike the girls. When tobacco was introduced, smoking was very well-known among men. The lifestyles of the children throughout the Elizabethan times wasn’ t too different coming from how it is today. The children in the family had to serve plus obey the adults of the family, including women. They were raised to obey in addition to respect their parents. Children were very precious through the Elizabethan period because baby mortality was high. Similar to the 21st century, children had toys to play together with for entertainment.

Some of those toys Included dolls, toy military, hobbyhorses and many other people. But unlike the Elizabethan times, children now possess PC’ s and enjoy stations to entertain themselves. Children were split inside classes like the older people. The more high-class youngsters were more punished more severely for bad conduct compared to the lower class children. The homes back inside the Elizabethan period relied on how rich family members was. What the family performed in and outside of the home was also identified by what time of day it was. Most of the Elizabethan houses were half built out of timber with black ND light types The interiors got separate rooms and generally levels.

The walls were made associated with wattle, which were daubed with mortar and later on had whitewash applied to be able to it. For an higher or middle class family, windows were constructed from glass, like today, nevertheless if the family has been lower class then home windows became wooden shutters. The particular houses had thatched roofs made of straw or reeds. Rushes were applied to cover the floor for most families nevertheless marble or slate utilized only for the very wealthy families. The chimneys were quite high and produced of stone. The houses didn’ t have electricity thus it had to end up being obtained through water pumping systems, owing this caused many people to get typhoid.

Heat was produced by fires plus lighting from candles and torches. Bubonic plague was spread easily as the particular thatched roofs made good homes for rats and mice (from which the disease was spread). Typically the Elizabethan home was where families were able to find comfort. Education in the course of the Elizabethan times had been mainly for the boys of the upper and middle classes and girls of the upper course. Girls were usually not necessarily allowed in schools. The particular simplest form of education started at what had been called a “ Petty School”. This school had been conducted for boys through 5 – your child is 7.

This type associated with school wasn’ t in fact in a school building yet the teacher’ s residence. These petty schools leaped for only a tiny charge and were conducted by a local and well- educated housewife. Reading in addition to writing English and lessons about behavior were trained at these schools, because they were thought to be typically the fundamentals of education and must be taught earlier in childhood. From seven – 14 years regarding age, boys not within the upper class would attend a grammar institution. They were taught by ushers (senior students from grammar school) from 7 – 10 years associated with GE.

They learnt slightly more advanced English writing and speaking skills and basic Latina. If the boys turned 12 they left their ushers to become taught by experts much more Latin, literature, Greek study, religious education in addition to simple math. After sentence structure school, the boys remaining for university at an early age of 14. People ate diverse things in the Elizabethan period depending on their particular wealth and social status. During those times, meat was considered to be a luxury enjoyed by the rich. The poor would not have had much foods varieties but the abundant had plenty to pick from! Old eat are lamb, beef, mutton, bacon, fish, carrot, leeks plus fruits.

Numerous different kinds of meals were introduced in the particular Elizabethan period, such as tomatoes, kidney beans in addition to potatoes. Tutors also loved eating dessert, obviously. They will ate pastries, tarts, truffles, custard and cream. The particular food in those times weren’ t actually also different compared to what we eat now. Family was very important back then and continue to is. Although life as a family was extremely strict and standardized, that was also vital to have close bonds as an along with to have good regard and obedience towards each and every other.

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