Ethical Principle Application

Ethical Principle Application

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In this scenario, I would first talk to Mr. Newcomb and give him hope that he is not going to die soon as he claims. I would encourage him to believe that the health care services that I have been administering to him would prolong his life. In addition, I would then organize for Mrs. Newborn to come and meet him.


There numerous ethical principles that would guide me in responding to Mr. Newcomb`s wish, and these are not limited to beneficence, non-maleficence, autonomy and justice. The principle of beneficence entails the aspect of doing good to patients as well as being compassionate to them (Phang, 2014). As a nurse, the aspect of being concerned with the health progress of Mr. Newcomb obeys the principle of beneficence. Moreover, though I am aware that Mr. Newcomb`s health had been declining each day and he cannot make it from his condition, I have the mandate of giving him hope of living for more years, in order for him to be optimistic and feel encouraged to fight for his life as well.

Consecutively, the principle of non-maleficence is closely related to the principle of beneficence, and it entails the aspect of being guided by the aspect of exercising competency in the nursing filed in order to avoid a situation where patients can suffer or be injured (Phang, 2014). In this scenario, I had to give Mr. Newcomb that he will recover from pancreatic cancer, despite knowing that he will not make it. In addition, I continued to administer chemotherapy treatments the same way I was administering to those who are at the initial stages of this disease (not the Mr. Newcomb was at the last stage) despite knowing that it is close to impossible to reverse pancreatic cancer from stage four to stage one.

Additionally, patients are provided with the right of self-independence, determination as well as the ability to self-direct. Precisely, adult patients have the right to either consent or refuse treatment (Phang, 2014). In this scenario, Mr. Newcomb has the freedom of deciding what he wants as far as his treatment is concerned. For example, Mr. and Mrs. Newcomb came into a consensus that Mr. Newcomb would no longer proceed with the chemotherapy treatments and instead opted for a hospice. Moreover, I have to obey Mr. Newcomb`s request of allowing his wife to come and see him immediately. Moreover, the principle of justice requires health care professionals to treat all patients equally.  In this scenario, a good example is the administration of chemotherapy treatments to all patients regardless of their cancer stages.

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There are a myriad of personal beliefs and values that have influenced my response to this scenario. For example, the respect for the elderly people, like Mr. and Mrs. Newcomb. In addition, the apathy of knowing that a patient is terminally ill and his or her family members are optimistic that he will recover soon. Moreover, I have also been influenced by the aspect of sympathy and love, between the Mr. and Mrs. Newcomb.

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There are numerous strategies for promoting self-care. R example, an individual needs to identify the issue(s) that might be disturbing their emotional, physical, and social health. For example, identify the factors that might be contributing to stress. Secondly, an individual should seek ways of reducing the threats of the disturbing issue. For example, if stressed, one should seek ways of reducing stress, such as discussing the issue with his or her close associates. Lastly, an individual should seek ways of coping or overcoming the situation. For example, he or she may seek medical interventions, such as the services of a psychologist.


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