?Explore the ways emotions are shown in the text you have studied Essay Example

?Explore the ways emotions are shown in the text you have studied Essay

Explore the ways emotions are shown in the text you have studied.

Steinbeck uses a wide range of techniques to explore emotions shown in of Mice and Men – ?Explore the ways emotions are shown in the text you have studied Essay introduction. Specifically in section 5 + 6 where three characters emotions are shown in contrast to what they had been interpreted as at the start of the novel through their emotions. George’s emotions dramatically change throughout the novel from a person who was seen as the brave man to the hesitant boy at the end. The abusive language George used was showing the relationship between him and Lennie. For example “you bastard” brings out the confidence in George’s attitude and shows that he believes he has the authority to act this way with Lennie.

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This radically changes when George shoots Lennie. He is more hesitant in his speech “I gotta, we gotta” the repetition of gotta shows the urge of him trying to get his point across as he is getting distracted while getting the gun ready. There is a sense of confusion through the words “I” and “we” as he has singled himself out regarding getting to the American Dream because he already knows that Lennie will be out of the picture and out of the Dream. After the murder of Lennie George had committed, slim offers George a drink. “come on, George. Me an ‘ you”ll go in an ‘ get a drink” his response is “yeah, a drink” this may suggest helplessness “a drink” could mean george’s way in showing regret in what he did by getting influenced by the men at the ranch. He may have remorse in his mind as Lennie was more than just a drink. This quote can also mean George’s confused state of mind.

He is mentally disturbed and shocked at what had just occurred so he cannot take in what slim is saying. When he had gotten asked how he had killed Lennie he says “yeah, thas how” the stage direction “almost a whisper” implies that his tone isn’t showing that he isn’t proud. The faint sound shows that he has barely energy in himself and that is coming across to the readers within his words. Crooks is seen as poorly treated by the members of the ranch Curley’s wife is seen as arrogant and a flirtatious woman. Near to the end just before her death she reveals her actual feelings and is shown to be longing for a companion.

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