Imagery in "A White Heron" Essay Example

Imagery in “A White Heron” Essay

Sarah Orne Jewett uses figurative language, tactile and organic imagery, and captivating diction to transform a girl’s climb up a tree into a quest leading to triumph and wonder 1.Jewett uses figurative language to dramatize the adventure Sylvia is on to make the story more than an ordinary climb in a tree. a.“and held like a bird’s claws to the monstrous ladder reaching up up up….”

Through simile, jewett compares Sylvia to a bird clutching the tree. author includes this to show bravery and strength in Sylvia as she is climbing a tree with bare feet and hands. Including that the tree reaches up to the sky itself is creating an image to the reader of what Sylvia sees. She sees the tree as going on forever. b.“it was like a great main-mast to the voyaging earth” The author uses this simile to compare the tree to a main mast on a ship, an essential element for a ship to find its way. The author creates a connection between Sylvia and the tree at this moment. She also says the tree “must have loved his new dependent” the author is describing Sylvia being one with the tree c.“Sylvia’s face was like a pale star”

Her pale face represents her pure character and she was shining like a star shines. She had reached the top of the tree and was in awe of what surrounded her. The author states Sylvia felt “ as if she too could go flying away among the clouds.” Another way of comparing her to a bird. She has gained freedom and Jewett shows her triumph and freedom through her liberation at the top of the tree.

2.Jewett uses tactile and organic imagery in this excerpt from “A white Heron” in order to connect the readers feelings with that of Sylvia Jewett creates an image through strong detail of what Sylvia is feeling. She also uses tactile imagery to create a feeling in the reader that they were climbing the tree too a.“the sharp dry twigs caught and held her and scratched her like angry talons” Jewett likens the tree to a bird now. The tactile imagery puts an emphasis on the physical struggles and hard work Sylvia was experiencing in order to climb this pine tree. As the tree lengthened itself it makes it clear to the reader the seemingly never ending quest Sylvia was on b.“she was almost lost among the dark branches and the green leaves heavy and wet with dew” Jewett creates strong imagery of a dense mass of leaves heavy because of the amount of dew on them. This makes reader picture Sylvia making her way through a confusing path. The reader does not feel as if Sylvia is simply climbing a tree, but the story seems like it is describing something much more dangerous and suspenseful c.(organic imagery) “she stood trembling and tired but wholly triumphant, high in the tree top” The author shows the reader how accomplished Sylvia feels. This section of the story shows how jewett dramatizes the heroines adventure because it is such a big deal for Sylvia to make it to the top. She could see everything and the sun dazzling and the sea was just as she expected it to eb, so the reader can feel the sense of satisfaction and contentment that Sylvia is feeling about her accomplishments

Sylvia sees herself as brave and feels brave, the strong tree sees her as weak

3.Jewett’s captivating diction creates a unique story that is more dramatic than a story about a girl simply climbing a tree. Jewett uses her detailed and exaggerated choice of words to create a sense of a suspenseful and exciting adventure.

”looked up wistfully at those dark boughs that the wind always stirred”

Shows Sylvia;s longing to climb the tree

“tingling, eager blood coursing the channel of her whole frame”

Describes the blood going through sylvia to dramatize her asdventure and the work she had put in. paints Sylvia as a heroine who is enduring through struggling and pain to get to her ultimate goal

Jewett uses alliteration as a form of diction to draw readers attention. “creeping and climbing” and “trembling and tired” all these things help describe Sylvia and the reader can relate to Sylvia and believe she is on a hard quest -recurring comparison to birds and

Author keeps describing the tree going on forever, reaching up, growing as sylvia climbs it. Dramatizes the adventure and shows sylvias view of it being an almost impossible quest.

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