Lay that Trumpet in Our Hands: Important quotes with page – 263 words

Lay that Trumpet in Our Hands: Important quotes with page

1. Mr. Harry’s eyes lit up like twin headlamps…”But Greece! Greece gave us democracy—one man, one vote—the fairest form of government on earth! ” (Mr. Moore, page 87)

2. “I heard our preacher waxing on poetical ‘bout the lilies of the field,’” Marvin once said. “Personally I ain’t never seen no field full of lilies but Ah shore do love a grove in blossom time. Ol’ King Solomon hisself wudn’t ‘rayed such as these! ” (Marvin, page 55)

3. “God is the potter,” she said, “and we clay in his hands, soft and weak which don’t do at all. It’s our time in the fire, don’t y’ see that gives us strength and shows us his purpose. ” (Armetta, page 58)

4. “Now jus’ like Heaven, a batter comes knockin’ at the pearly gate, askin’ God and St. Peter, ‘Can Ah come in? ’”(Marvin, page 67)

5. “Kill him? (the rattler) He was just looking for a safe place to sleep. Naw, I’ll let him go, out in the scrub where he belongs. ” (Ren, page 113)

6. “There’s a little rattler in all of us. ” (Reesa, page 113)

7. “The most frightening part of a hurricane is its eye. ” (Reesa, page 133)

8. “Isn’t it wrong,” I used to ask Marvin, “to pretend niceness that you don’t feel? ”…”Try being colored,” he grinned. (Marvin, page 141)

9. “…Old Joshua believed you Lord, and so do we. We ask you tonight: Lay that trumpet in our hands…” (Luther, page 178)

10. “Backed into the corner of perjury versus self-preservation, how long before these human snakes bare their fangs at each other? ” (Reesa, page 197)

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