List of Daniel Silva Books in Chronological Order

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To know the deeper intricacies of characters, plots, and their references, always pick Daniel Silva books in the order of their release. This just makes the subsequent stories interesting.

Every avid reader knows what it feels like to follow a writer through his/her literary journey. What it means to hitchhike with him on imaginative planes and immerse in the high-end drama those engaging characters conjure. Yes, only a reader knows what the pain, the anguish, and the exhilarating joy of being on those wordy adventures feels like. It is a rather nebulous feeling for one to describe, but reading the entire corpus of an author is an experience every person must try, at least once in his/her lifetime. Maybe, it could be your only chance to live an imaginary parallel life through these characters. A chance to be a hero, a chance to witness the torment of a victim, a chance to change the world, and maybe, a chance to get a perspective on life like never before.

And so, if you ever have chanced upon a book by the magnificent Daniel Silva, then you should know that these novels can only be read in a certain order. Silva, a journalist at heart, wrote some of the finest spy novels ever written, and this has garnered him a huge fan base. However, he wrote only one stand-alone novel, while the rest are a series, following a detective’s tale. So, if you’ve picked up a Daniel Silva novel or have been gifted one, put it down right now. Here is list of Daniel Silva books, which are to be read in chronological order to find the pieces to the puzzle of this literary masterpiece.

List of Daniel Silva Books in Chronological Order

The Unlikely Spy – 1996

The Unlikely Spy is the only book by Daniel Silva which has no successor or a predecessor. This is his first published book and its plot is stand-alone or independent, as it does not make any references to any of his other works. This book is set during World War II, and revolves around the events that largely impacted the outcome of the war. The detailed plot, the intricate puzzles carefully wrapped one under the other, and the compelling narrative of this book gave Silva his mark in the world of literature.

The Mark of the Assassin – 1998

This is the first book by Daniel Silva where he introduces Michael Osbourne, a CIA detective. From the very first scene that describes the unrecognizable dead body, the plot engages the reader till the very end. This fast-paced, high on action novel has just one sequel to it.

The Marching Season – 1999

This is the second and the last, so far, novel in the Michael Osbourne series. In this novel our CIA agent has been given the tough task of investigating an Irish terrorist group, and providing protection to his father-in-law who is the American Ambassador to the Court of St. James.

The Kill Artist – 2000

This is the first book of the Gabriel Allon series. To read this book, is to get addicted to the entire series through this intriguing character. Gabriel Allon used to work as an assassin for Israel’s Mossad, who retires from the job after his son and wife are ruthlessly killed. However, the novel picks up pace when Gabriel, now an art restorer, is recruited to hunt down the man who caused him devastation beyond repair. And thus, begins the biggest suspense that is likely to last you for a long time if you decide to read the other books too.

The English Assassin – 2002

Gabriel Allon goes back to his quiet job as an art restorer. However, the peace and quiet does not seem to last for too long. He is once again called in by The Office for an assignment by an anonymous Zurich banker. As you follow Gabriel on his assignment, you are about to find out how this man uses his knowledge of art to solve the deadliest mysteries.

The Confessor – 2003

The book starts a few years after the assignment of The English Assassinfinishes. This time around, Gabriel has to investigate into the death of his friend and former colleague Benjamin Stern. As he sets out to find more, his path converges with a priest named Pietro, and what happens thereafter changes their lives forever.

A Death in Vienna – 2004

The fourth of the Gabriel series, this is one of the most compelling books of the entire series. This time the art restorer and spy is set to investigate the bombing of the Vienna Office of Wartime Claims. However, what he discovers, questions him more. As he digs deeper, he finds something that haunts not just him, but the reader too.

Prince of Fire – 2005

After solving the mystery in A Death in Vienna, Gabriel is back in Venice. However, at the same time an explosion in Rome threatens him in a way that compels him on a bloody trail of secrets buried over for generations.

The Messenger – 2006

The Messenger is yet another bestseller by Daniel Silva, where his iconic spy takes us on a deadly mission. Allon, in this story, is involved with the Al-Qaeda, and has references to the previous book the Prince of Fire. Involving plenty of twists and turns, this book surely keeps the reader wanting for more from Silva’s creations.

The Secret Servant – 2007

After the blood-soaked battle with Saudi terrorists, Gabriel Allon, in this book, seems to take up a less dramatic assignment. However, it does not remain so when we find his fate closely linked to that of the kidnapped American Ambassador’s daughter.

Moscow Rules – 2008

Daniel Silva never fails his expecting readers. With Moscow Rules he returned with a novel of nail-biting intrigue. This time Gabriel is led to Russia following the brutal death of a journalist. What happens next, is best described only when read through those pages unveiling the mystery.

The Defector – 2009

Six months after Moscow Rules, Gabriel Allon returns to a short-lived honeymoon with his new wife, Chiara. However, news from London that Grigori Bulganov (reference from the previous book) has vanished without a trace, sets Allon on a path to deliver a promise previously made.

The Rembrandt Affair – 2010

This time determined to live a life of peace and seclusion with his wife, Gabriel Allon settles at Cornwall. However, a visit by an old friend, Julian Isherwood, upsets this serenity of Gabriel’s life once again. This friend who is linked to our detective’s past, brings forth a problem that only Gabriel can solve.

Portrait of a Spy – 2011

Gabriel’s quiet vacation with his wife in London comes to an abrupt end when he notices a man exhibiting signs of a bomber. However, an accident refrains him from solving this mystery, which continues to haunt him when he gets back home. What happens when he has to confront this, turns into a gripping plot that absolutely no one can resist.

The Fallen Angel – 2012

Gabriel’s Vatican restoration work comes to a halt when a young woman is found murdered under one of the masterpieces. To avert yet another scandal at the Church, Monsignor Luigi Donati calls upon Gabriel to solve this mystery.

The English Girl – 2013

When a gorgeous girl from Britain’s governing party, Madeline Hart, goes missing, there is more than just what appears to the eye. And when the kidnappers learn that she is secretly engaged with Prime Minister Jonathan Lancaster, life takes a whole new turn for our very own Gabriel Allon.

So, these were 16 books by Daniel Silva in their chronological order. High on drama and extremely engaging, these books have been named as bestsellers by renowned magazines and critics. These books are not just entertaining, but also show Silva’s perspective on history of Europe and brings to fore his streak of investigative journalism. These books are must-read for every individual who fancies a tour in these imaginary worlds.

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