“On Dumpster Diving” by Lars Eighner Essay

“On Dumpster Diving” by Lars Eighner Essay


“On Dumpster Diving”-by Lars Eighner. is a narrative of a adult male discoursing his life being stateless and how he came to get his support by scavenging through Dumpsters. or in the author’s words ; Dumpster Diving. The narrative begins with Eighner stating us. the readers about how he was ever fascinated with the word Dumpster before being homeless and besides while being homeless ; how he forged nutrient. drinks. and other assorted points in public Dumpsters. Lars Eighner tells us nil of how he became stateless. but he tells the life of him and his married woman ( Lizbeth ) as Dumpster Divers. In this transition Eighner discusses the subjects of shame. and pride. I will compose about both of these subjects in two separate paragraphs. while demoing both are relevant to us as college pupils. “Dumpster Diving” negotiations about many college pupils and how uneconomical they can be ; particularly when it is unneeded. Lars Eighner said. “Students throw nutrient off around interruptions because they do non cognize whether it has spoiled or will botch before they return” . Eighner besides says. “Some pupils. and others. attack deicing a deep-freeze by tossing out the whole lot” . ( Page 22 ) The narrative of this man’s life is and should be humbling. besides at the same time a life lesson for us all to follow as an illustration of how to be economical and appreciate all that we possess.


The subject of pride was the first subject Eighner discussed when mentioning to a Dumpster frogman. “At foremost the new scavenger is filled with disgust and self-loathing. He is ashamed of being seen and may skulk around” . Eighner- ( Page 23 ) The scavenger or Dumpster frogman is demoing that he or she has pride. although in demand they are witting of what society might believe of them. Eighner besides speaks of pride in a different sense every bit good. He shows us that by the garbage of others. the points being discarded is besides pride in the 1s that have more than plenty. To the readers Eighner shows us their apathy for what they have and how they take it for granted ; as if these things will ever be available. Pride is a awful thing to hold at times. Society looks at those who ask for aid or a assisting manus as weak ; but it takes a strong person to put pride to the curve and ask for aid. Merely as the Dumpster frogman scavenging through the rubbish ; although it seems gross outing. when in need one must make what one has to.


The following subject which was discussed was shame ; but in a more subliminal manner. Eighner- “I live from the garbage of others. I am a scavenger. I think it a sound and honest niche” . ( Page 20 ) Eighner ever made the term Dumpster frogman seem elegant. This word for many would connote foulness. and destitute. Eighner subtly edifies the word to conceal the shame that was felt from the memories of being homeless and eating out of the rubbish ; one would of course make the same as Eighner. Shame is something that is felt by all at different points in our lives merely as the “divers” felt. Eighner tells us that “While Lizbeth and I lived in a hovel we began to eat from the dumpsters” . ( Page 20 ) Eighner felt shame and embarrassment from the things he and Lizbeth were making. While reading about this peculiar clip in Eighner’s life. there is no manner that anyone could non be humbled by his words. This manner of life is good below modest ; it is about unreal the manner he lived. It is impossible to penetrate how this can be ; and that is what Eighner wants us to recognize. Eighner wants us as the readers to non see the problem of people’s shame but the battle from the shame. because we should appreciate where we are now. no affair how hard life is or may look ; because it could ever be worse.

Pride and Shame

As we take a expression at both subjects Eighner shows how they both coincide in mention to the Dumpster frogman. In the life of a Dumpster frogman Eighner explains how he felt pride and a sense of being in a better province of life as opposed to those more fortunate ; and he explains how he felt shame as he was reduced to this degeneracy. In one peculiar memory Eighner says. “Every spot of glass may be a diamond. they think. and all that glitters. gold” . ( Page 24 ) Now in this sense Eighner negotiations about how peculiar Dumpster frogmans take everything they see of some value and they go over board ; but however they take pride in the things that others call rubbish. Eighner himself speaks of how he took pride in his huge findings. “I am thankful. nevertheless. for the figure of good books and magazines the pupils throw out” . ( Page 26 ) Although Eighner negotiations about pride he shows us the shame that lies in Dumpster diving and how they are closely related. Eighner- “Dumpster diving is out-of-door work. frequently surprisingly pleasant” . ( Page 27 ) “I have no better topographic point for her than a Dumpster. And after all. it is suiting. since for most of her life her support has come from the dumpster” . ( Page 26 ) Now even though Eighner finds joy in his life. he besides finds uncomfortableness and embarrassment. Pride and Shame coincide and at the same time differ ; and the two emotions left Eighner ambivalent about him and Lizbeth’s hereafter.


After reading “On Dumpster Diving” I am inclined to hold with Eighner. “Take what you can utilize and allow the remainder go” . ( Page 27 ) In life if we use or take more than we truly need. we ne’er learn the value of things nor do we larn to appreciate them. I believe this because I have been given so much in life and used so small. whether it was nutrient. money or clip. I believe that us as Americans waste so much that we have forgotten the value of truly life and retrieving others less fortunate ; I know I have. While reading this transition it has changed my mentality on life and how much I consume and will devour in the hereafter. I believe I will utilize less and appreciate what I do hold. while promoting others to make the same. Besides while reading I felt compunction and understanding for those less fortunate like Eighner. In decision this narrative is really affecting and uplifting. Eighner shows us that no affair what life may throw our manner we can last and crush the odds. no affair how much they are against us.

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