Presentation: Turgenev: Kasyan from the beautiful Swords

Presentation: Turgenev: Kasyan from the beautiful Swords

The author returns to the cart from the hunt. The path crosses funeral train: the priest and the men with bared heads carry the coffin. The people believed that to meet on the road of the dead is a bad omen. After some time the driver stops, informs the author that their wagon broke an axle, and adds that accompanying the coffin of the women knew who are buried (Martin carpenter).

On a broken axis is the author of the charioteer and somehow get to Yudenich settlement, consisting of six small, low huts. Two huts are not detected by anyone, finally, in the yard of a third home, the author stumbles upon a man sleeping in the full sun. Unlocking it, he finds that this “dwarf in his fifties, small, with small, dark, and wrinkled face, sharp nose, brown, barely noticeable eyes and thick curly black hair”. The dwarf was extremely thin and frail. The author asks where can I get a new axe, the dwarf in response to the interests, certainly not hunters.

After receiving an affirmative answer, the dwarf says, “Birds of heaven shoot, I suppose? Yes, the beasts of the forest? Do you God’s birds to kill, to shed blood of innocent?” The author is surprised, but nevertheless repeats its request. The old man refuses, says no one, no one to help, and he was tired, so went to the city. The author offers to pay an old man from the Board refuses. Finally, the dwarf agrees to take travelers on deforestation, where, according to him, you can find a good oak axle. The driver, seeing the dwarf greets him, calling Kasyan reported on and met on the road of the funeral procession, Kasian reproaches that he did not cure Martin-carpenter (Kasian the doctor). Kassian accompanies the author and the charioteer before cutting, and then asked the author where he was going, and knowing that hunting, asks to go with him.

On the way, the author observes the Kasian. Kassian goes extremely quickly and jumps up on the go, not accidentally, the villagers called him “flea”. Kassian perspectives with birds, bends down, plucks some grass, puts them in his bosom, muttering something under his breath from time to time glancing at the author’s strange, inquisitive look. They walk for a long time, the game does not come across. Finally the author observes some kind of a bird, fires, hits.

Kassian at this time closes his eyes the hand does not move, then walks to the place where the fallen bird, shakes his head and mutters that it is a sin. Describe a perfect day, inspired the Russian nature. Suddenly Kassian wondered why “the master” the bird was killed. When the author says that the mud hens game and it is possible, Kasian argues that the author killed him not because of the fact that he was hungry, but for fun its. Says “free bird” human food “are not entitled”, that he released the other food and drink “the bread, water, the heavenly creature from manual of the ancient fathers (chickens, ducks, etc.)”. When the author wondered is it a sin, according to Kasian, and the fish kill, he says that “the fish creature was silent, her blood cold,” that she’s “not feeling well” and blood “Holy cause”.

The author asks what lives Kassian than trades. He replies that he lives, “as the Lord says,” and until the spring Solovyev catches, but does not kill them, because “death and so take his.” He recalls the story of Martyn-carpenter who “lived and died, and now his wife is killed on her husband, children small”. Caught Solovyov Kassian gives “good people”. The author is perplexed and asks what else does Kassian. He replied that he does not anymore, since the worker is poor. However, he is competent. The family had not.

The author then asks whether Kassian heals. After receiving an affirmative answer, the author wondered why Kassian did not cure Martin-the carpenter. Kassian says that later learned about his illness, and besides, they still die when someone destined. Further Kassian says that he comes with Beautiful Swords village for a hundred miles from here that have moved them here about four years ago. Kassian recalls the beauty of their homes, says not averse to visit their homeland. It turns out that Kassian is a lot of “go” in Simbirsk and Moscow, and “CMOS-nurse”, and “the Volga-mother”, “many people have seen” and “in the cities visited the fair”. In their homes, in spite of this, she didn’t, and now regrets. Kassian begins to hum the song writes here, on the go. It astonishes the author.

Suddenly the author and Kasian meet a girl of eight, with which Kassian greets and in relation to which the author notices from his companion a strange tenderness. The author asks, I’m not a daughter if this is it but Kassian refuses to answer, calling the girl “rodstvennica”. More author anything Kasian pull fails. After returning to the settlements. Kasyan suddenly admits that he game master “took”.

The author is skeptical of this statement. Annushka (which the author and Kasian met in the forest) in the house, but there is a basket with mushrooms that she collected. Kassian is suddenly silent and surly, the food and drink for the horses of the guests. After fixing axis, the author and the driver with the displeasure of leaving. Dear author tries to inquire of the driver what the man Kassian. He says that “strange man,” complains that he is not working, and “hanging out a sheep that is infinite”. The coachman scolding Kasian, saying that he is “inconsistent and unhelpful”, although he admits that he sings well. On the question of how to cure Kassian, the driver replies that cures bad that all this is nonsense, although it mentions that the Kassian cured of scrofula. On the question who is the girl living in the house Kasian, the driver replied that the orphan, that her mother no one knows, maybe Kassian is her father painfully, it looks like, but about that no one knows anything. In the end, the driver assumes that Kassian yet what good thinks Anoushka literacy learning, as such he is a “non-disproportionate”.

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