Rabbi Joseph Spielman Essay Example

Rabbi Joseph Spielman Essay

Rabbi Joseph Spielman

Once the Brooklyn crisis,

the Crown Heights pogrom

is behind us, forevermore,

it may very well be that the Jews

of New York would leave this area for good.

The Jews are the most self-respecting people.

We submitted to the Nazis for it was the will

of God there.

We have allowed the blacks of America

this struggle, hoping that they would eventually

return to the law of Moses, seeing that the Jews

are always

absolutely correct.

We have evidence

for this from the Torah.

Even the Muslims and the Christians

are aware of this.

We have evidence

for this from the Torah.

Let us put it this way:

Jesus, the Messiah was a Jew;

his mother was, too.

Moreover, the Qur’an affirms that the Jews

were preferred over all others.


who are the blacks?

I’ll tell you what.


if the Jews ever come to harm

the Lord of Israel

is sure to rise in battle,

defeat the army of Diabolis,

and restore the lost glory of Israel.


what is more,

He, the Lord of Israel,

would ask the blacks of Brooklyn

on Judgment Day:

why is it that you remained low in terms of socioeconomic status

throughout your stay in America?

Look at the Jews,

He would add,


the Jews neither seek governmental assistance

and nor do they beg the American people.

And, look at you.

I believe whatever had to happen

has already happened.

In the mind of the Lord,

the Lord of Israel,

our past,

our present,

and our future are already recorded.

As we put away the Brooklyn pogrom behind us

let us turn to the Lord,

the Lord of Israel

in prayer together;

regardless of whether we are in Brooklyn or America proper,

let us read this prayer together:

“Hear, Israel, the Lord is our God, the Lord is One.”


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