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I have chosen to invest in Delta Airlines, State Street Corp., and Dycom Industries. Delta Airlines posted an increase in its net income, the earnings per share have been growing over the years, and it generates good cash flows from its operations. I am also attracted by its reasonable debt levels meaning that it is solid financially, and I believe I will earn a high return on equity. The prospects of the company this year have been good because the leisure and air business travel is picking up and growing.

State Streep Corp. has been improving its efficiency by reducing its costs, and its customer base is set to increase, so I expect that the revenues will increase. Dycom Industries supplies telecom services workers and it is projected to continue getting new clients. Consequently, I expect the revenues and profits to grow this year.

Delta Airlines most recent stock price is $49.27, State Street Corp. price is $78.16, and Dycom Industries price is $76.17. I will invest $10,000 in Delta Airlines, $8,000 in State Street Corp., and $7,000 in Dycom Industries. $10,000 ($9952,54) invested in Delta Airlines will buy 202 shares, $8,000 ($7972,32) invested in State Street Corp. will buy 102 shares, and $7,000 ($6,931,47) invested in Dycom Industries will buy 91 shares.

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