The Effect of Education on Crime Essay Example

The Effect of Education on Crime Essay – Part 5

A system that is so trial and so pure, but is often revered as a weakness or an enigma that should be avoided at all cost – The Effect of Education on Crime Essay introduction. As a matter of fact, I believe the only parallel to this idea, is one that can only be taught to a person. That parallel, is to hate another human. This philosophy I’m telling you about, is called lovingly fellow man. There are many forms love ladies and gentlemen, some people think love is only an act to be made between two individuals in the bedroom; some think love can only be shown by being showered with all types of lavish gifts or taken on trips around the world gallivanting on the beaches of beautiful glands.

However, I’m not talking about those types of love people. Webster dictionary says that love is having adoration or a very strong liking towards someone or something, now that’s getting a little closer to the type of love I’m referring to class. AY green said in one of his hit love songs from the early sass’s that love will make you do wrong love will make you do right make you come home early make you stay out all night, the power of love; this is more like the love I’m talking about.

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A love that’s so strong, it alone, is what controls your every thought towards a person and has the power to make o do things for good uncharacteristically. The author of the book of Mathew from the King James Version of the Holy Bible told a story of a man from Nazareth named Jesus Christ. This man loved the world so much that he gave his life to save it along with all the good and evil people living on the planet. Indeed… His is the exact level of love I’m referring to class, however some of you may not believe in Christ, personally I do, but in spite of your religious views, imagine how the world would be if everyone here had the same love for their fellow man as Jesus. Now that have made these points, t this juncture, I’d like to show you some images of historical events that may have never happened if the acting people had any love for their fellow man. Slavery may not have happened if the slave owners had any love for their fellow man. Now for a fact the killing of approximately six million Jews would not have happened if Hitler and his Nazi followers had the same love for people as l. Fifth terrorist that attacked America in 2001 loved man the way Jesus did in the previously mentioned Story, I promise those nearly 3000 victim wouldn’t have suffered their demise to a 60 ton aircraft crashing into a building. Moving closer to my conclusion, you might be sitting in your seat saying to yourselves, no one can love like this guy is talking about, so to you, all I can say is, its important to try.

For in the words of Mitch album, author of the New York Times bestselling book based on the lessons of life which is entitled (Tuesday With Morris) in it he says, “the most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love and to let it come in”. In the spirit of this quote, want to make a quick point about the causes to which we direct our love. So at this time I’ll tell a short story discussing some of my observations on the erection of our love. One day was in a local sub shop waiting on my food to be given to me. At that time, I saw two receptacles for donations on the counter.

One was for helping the cause to fight stray domesticated animals and it was filled to the Max. The other was to provide food and clean water for starving children in third world countries; it had two pennies in it. This sadden me so, I took some money out of my pocket and gave what could to what I felt was the proper cause. Now, I am not an animal hater, in fact I love them. But the point I’m making on this matter is that if we have love for objects and animals, let’s have it for our fellow man too. At last say unto you, my friends, don’t let hate and evil exist.

Love strong love true, like Jesus would; however, if you can’t love like Jesus did, do it as I would, and in case you can’t do it like me; just love your fellow man the best you can. For in the words of Mitch Album once again. Love wins, love always wins. Let’s make this statement hold true class. I love you. Album, Mitch. Tuesdays With Morris: an old man, a young man, and life’s greatest lesson. Broadway, 2002. 52. Print. Album, Mitch. Tuesdays with Morris: an Old man, a young man, and life. Broadway, 2002. 40. Print. Bibles, Conserved. King James Version Pew Bible, Large Print. 010. Print. Green, Albert. “Love And Happiness. ” I’m Still In Love With You. Hi Records, 1972 Publishing, Riverside. Webster II new Riverside university dictionary. Houghton Muffling Harcourt (HEM), 1984. 706. Print for people as I. If the terrorist that attacked America in 2001 loved man the way Jesus did in the previously mentioned Story, promise those nearly 3000 victim wouldn’t have suffered their demise to a 60 ton aircraft crashing into a all can say is, it’s important to try. For in the words of Mitch album, author of o learn how to give out love and to let it come in”.

Persuasive Speech Essay – Part 5

Have you ever seen people on the side of the street handing out pamphlets against slaughterhouses and encouraging you to eat more organic, I know I have, but I always thought screw that I love food organic just sounds gross – Persuasive Speech Essay introduction. Not until later did I realize how stupid and ignorant I was. Conventional foods are harsh all around and are just unnecessary in today’s society when they do more damage then good. I’m hoping for you to leave here today more motivated to choose healthier more organic food choices.

All those powerful chemicals and pesticides are being forced into your body, and they defiantly don’t belong there, and every time you eat all those fruits and vegetables thinking your finally being healthy, well it really doesn’t have that much nutrition, and if that’s not upsetting enough for you your also hurting the environment by supporting conventional foods. In this moment and in the future conventional foods will only cause harm. Conventional food is actually new in the history of farming.

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It was not until the twentieth century that chemical fertilizers, fungicides, herbicides and pesticides began to be used in natural food production. These chemicals introduce something called free radicals into the blood stream. Free radicals are cell-destroying atoms that can occur naturally through chemical reactions in the body. Free radicals attack healthy cells and can cause premature aging, as well as cancer and other serious conditions.

Its also been found that the hormones injected into animals to speed maturity is known to increase the risk on cancer and cause defects. So obviously, switching from conventional food to more organic food is highly recommended in order to reduce the risk of bringing extra toxins into your body. The soil in which organic food is grown in is also affected by conventional farming methods. The chemicals seep into the ground and kill off important bacteria and fungi, which are essential to the health of the land.

And if you know your photosynthesis you know that plants get their nutrients from the soil, so if they are grown in poor or dead soil, their nutritional quality is decreased. By taking away those important fungus and bacteria from the soil, it will not give the plants enough minerals to grow as well as they could, causing all those fruits and vegetables you eat to have less vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. While free range animals give back to the soil adding all the needed nutrients and bacteria as the food pyramid intended

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