Warranty Letter

Nowadays, most of the products sold are accompanied with a warranty letter. It is nothing but the written document that is provided by the manufacturers or sellers, along with the products sold. Apart from endorsing the quality of the product, this letter is intended to inform the buyer, that it will perform in a specified manner. However, the important part of a warranty letter is the information about the remedies offered, in case the product fails to perform in the specified manner. Suppose you are buying a TV set. Along with it, you will get a letter specifying the warranty period for that product, the parts of the TV that have been covered by the warranty, nature of problems covered, how the problems will be rectified, etc. In short, a warranty letter has to be drafted carefully, in a simple manner, and it should cover all vital elements. On the other hand, the consumers must understand the terms and conditions of the warranty, before they buy a product. It is an important document that furnishes the rights and duties of the consumers and obligations of the manufacturer/seller. The consumer can sue the manufacture or seller, in case of a breach of warranty.

Basic Elements of a Warranty Letter

As mentioned above, the terms and conditions furnished in a warranty letter are very important for both the consumers as well as the manufacturers/sellers/service providers. The letter should include everything in detail, so as to avoid ambiguity, in case of a dispute. So, the terms and conditions must be provided in a simple, easy-to-understand manner. The customers tend to compare the terms and conditions of warranty, offered with similar products. A well-written warranty letter could be used as a tool to attract customers. The following are some of the basic elements of a warranty letter.

  • Parts and Problems Covered: The letter should clearly mention the specific parts of the product or the possible problems that the warranty will cover. It must also mention the parts and problems that are not covered by the warranty.
  • Period of Warranty: This is an important aspect that has to be provided in a warranty letter. Mention the period of warranty, including the date from which it starts (usually, the date of purchase), and the date of expiry.
  • Mode of Problem Rectification: What the manufacturer/seller would do, in case a consumer comes up with a problem, that is covered by the warranty? The letter must clearly mention whether the impaired part will be repaired or replaced, or the consumer will be provided with a refund/credit.
  • Warranty Service: The warranty letter must clearly specify the course of action that has to be taken by a consumer, if he/she confronts a problem with the product. State how the customer can access the warranty service and from where. It must provide the contact address of the company’s authorized service centers, or the distributor’s service section.
  • Restrictions and Limitations: Mention the limitations, restrictions, or any additional information that you think is needed. Mention those state laws that might affect the warranty or any part of the warranty.
  • Full or Limited Warranty: According to law, items sold for more than fifteen dollars must have a warranty letter that is designated as ‘full’ or ‘limited’. Most of the warranties are ‘limited’ ones that are limited to specific parts and problems.
Some Guidelines for Consumers

While the manufacturers/sellers/service providers must draft a warranty letter with utmost care, consumers must go through the letter and understand the terms and conditions, before buying a product. You must also compare the warranties offered by different manufacturers, for similar products. Here are some guidelines regarding what to look for in a warranty letter.

  • Understand the Terms and Conditions: They include the period of warranty coverage, the parts and problems covered, the mode of correction offered, whom to contact in case of problems with the product, additional restrictions and limitations, etc.
  • Proper Use of the Product: The product must be used as per the instructions of the manufacturer. This is very important as the manufacturer may not be responsible for problems that arise from improper usage of the product. Even the required maintenance and inspections must be done on time.
  • How to Solve Problems: Save the warranty as well as the bill of purchase. In case of a problem with the product, contact the retailer or the service center, as specified in the warranty letter. If they deny to provide the service, you can contact the manufacturer or seller, who has issued the warranty. If they fail to fix the problem, contact the local consumer protection office.
Tips to Write a Warranty Letter

Use of Headings

Make sure that the content of the letter comes under proper headings, which should be informative. Such headings will help the consumer understand the terms and conditions easily. The main headings will include what the warranty covers, what it does not cover, what is the warranty period, what the company will do if there is a problem with the product, how the customer can avail the warranty service, and also laws that are related to the warranty.

Simple Language

When a consumer looks at a warranty letter, he/she should be able to follow everything and for that, you have to write the letter in a clear and simple format. It should be direct and easily readable. You can use a personal style of writing. It makes the writer sound more close to the buyer. Use simple language and keep your sentences short. No one wants to read long, difficult sentences, and lengthy paragraphs. It will be better to avoid promotional statements and other unnecessary stuff in a warranty letter.

Make sure that the letter is presentable. Be careful about the font and the font size, the margins and the spacing, the color, the capital letters, the sentence structures, and illustrations (if any).

Warranty Letter Format

Letter of Warranty

Order No:

Date of Purchase:


Dear Sir/Madam,

Kindly accept the letter of warranty for the ………………… (specify the product) that you have purchased from our company. We hereby confirm that the product is being designed and manufactured as per international standards. (you may provide a brief description of the product).

WARRANTY COVERAGE: ………………………….. (company name) hereby warranties that the product is free of any defect in material and workmanship. The period of warranty is ……… years from the date of purchase. So the warranty expires on ………………………… (date). If you notice any defect in the parts that are covered by this warranty, within the above said period, we will repair or replace it.

(Provide a list of those parts (and possible problems) that are covered by the warranty.)

EXCLUSIONS: ……………………………. (company name) will not have any liability or obligation under this limited warranty, in case of,

1. Any defect caused by misuse or abuse of the product.

2. Damage caused by natural disasters.

3. Damage caused by unauthorized modification.

4. Defects caused by improper storage of the product.

(provide other such terms and conditions)

LIMITATIONS: The only recourse to you, in case of any defect in the product, is repair or replacement of the parts, as specified above. We will not be liable for any consequential damages or inability to use the product. The cost of the repair or replacement shall not be higher than the purchase price of the product, excluding tax, shipping, and installation charges.

By installing and using the product, the user accepts the terms and conditions described herein.

WARRANTY SERVICE: In case you want to avail our service under this warranty, you can contact the following addresses.

(provide the contact addresses)





This is only a brief overview about the letter of warranty. It is always better to consult an attorney, for drafting such a letter, as per your preferences, and the laws of the jurisdiction. Even the consumers can avail the help of an attorney, for a better understanding of this document, especially in cases where you intend to invest a huge amount.

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